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Overview of identity theft

People in Maryland may be charged with identity theft if they use another individual's personal information to commit fraud. Typically, a person is accused of identity theft if they profit or attempt to profit financially by using another person's Social Security number, PIN or other identifying information.

Receiving an email can lead to child pornography charges

Maryland law enforcement and federal authorities work hard to stop the spread of child pornography over the Internet. A major component of this campaign is to pursue criminal penalties for those caught with illegal images on their computers. This emphasis on punishing possessors of child pornography has resulted in lengthy prison sentences and other penalties for many Maryland residents.

Maryland teacher charged with child pornography possession

Authorities in Maryland claim that a former substitute teacher had images of child pornography on two computers. The man faces 64 charges stemming from the alleged possession of the images, which police said had been digitally altered to put students’ faces on the bodies.

Husband and wife arrested on child pornography charges

When police suspect that child pornography is being produced at a residence, they may arrest all the adults at the home and accuse them of participating. Since a conviction related to child pornography can lead to very serious penalties, someone arrested on related charges must take the matter very seriously, even if they know they are not guilty. For example, they should refuse to answer any questions from the police before they speak to a defense attorney.

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