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May 2013 Archives

Maryland driver arrested after leading police on wild chase

A Maryland driver was reportedly observed to be driving erratically by police. After trying unsuccessfully to pull him over multiple times, officers ended the man's wild ride with an arrest for drunk driving after he struck a street sign.

Bethesda coach faces credit card theft charges

The Washington Post's 2008 High School Hockey Coach of the Year is a man from Bethesda who works as a coach in Virginia. He is also the subject of a white collar crimeinvestigation stemming from the theft of credit cards. The coach has been charged with 45 counts of fraud, theft and other related charges stemming from the theft of at least 13 victims' credit cards from a locker room in Arlington.

Maryland advised to change BAC limits

The state of Maryland, along with all other states, has been advised by the National Transportation Safety Board to consider lowering its blood alcohol content threshold from .08 percent to .05 percent. This recommendation is made as part of an overall plan to reduce DUI arrests, accidents and deaths over the next few years.

Two men accused of two separate thefts

Two people in the Southern Maryland area are facing charges of theft. In the first case, a 25-year-old Waldorf man is facing theft charges for allegedly stealing fishing poles, a wallet and medical supplies out of a man's car. The parents of the man facing charges contacted the man whose items were missing and allegedly alerted him to the location of the fishing poles.

Woman enters guilty plea to theft of Benjamin Franklin bust

Maryland residents might be interested in the case of a Philadelphia woman who pleaded guilty to the theft of a $3 million bust of Benjamin Franklin. The bust is the work of French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon and was sculpted in 1778 while Benjamin Franklin was still alive. The bust was recovered by authorities when the woman exited a Greyhound bus in Maryland. She had stolen the item from a home in Bryn Mawr, where she worked as a cleaner. Authorities found the bust in the woman's luggage. The bust sustained damage during the theft and is being repaired at a New York City museum. The woman pleaded guilty to one count of burglary and one count of criminal conspiracy to commit burglary. She pleaded guilty at the very beginning of her trial for those charges. Her actions did not leave much room for a criminal defense on her behalf. 

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