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August 2011 Archives

Baltimore-area woman accused of identity theft

Everyone in Baltimore hears about the usual types of crimes that television and newspaper reporters seem to like, like robberies and murders. What residents may not realize is that these types of crimes are actually quite infrequent in comparison to other crimes that get less coverage in the media, like white collar crimes.

Maryland identity theft ring allegedly stole information from 73 people

Do you think Annapolis residents can even remember a time before credit and debit cards? We are all so used to paying with plastic for everything from our morning coffee to car repairs that it is hard to remember any other way of doing things. One danger to using cards, however, is that handing over your card to a clerk or cashier raises the risk of identity theft, since a lot of information is right there on the card and is easy to steal. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing and most concerning areas of white collar crime.

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